The Japan Sport Tourism Alliance (JSTA)


About JSTA

The Japan Sport Tourism Alliance (JSTA) was launched in April 2012 as a general incorporated association. In keeping with the Basic Policy to Promote Sports Tourism (“Basic Policy”) announced by the Japan Tourism Agency in June of 2011, JSTA advances an activity platform structured to promote all-Japan level sports tourism as the hub of efforts to achieve energetic undertakings in the athletic and sightseeing fields over the years to come. The primary JSTA mission is to supply its networks and know-how for wide-ranging support of initiatives by entities involved in sports tourism, as well as working level managers at local public entities, aimed at tourism-fueled community development, the submission of bids and the holding of tournaments and training camps, commercialization of travel package products and other endeavors.

JSTA Activity Platform

  1. Formation of nationwide networks linking regions and other geographical entities promoting sports tourism initiatives.
  2. Support for the formation of regional platforms for sports tourism.
  3. Collaboration, support and proposals for the bids and holding of international sports competitions and other major events.
  4. Support for the popularization and creation of travel products positioned to utilize sports.
  5. Infrastructure development and proposals designed to improve the convenience of sports activities at travel destinations.
  6. Collaboration with universities and other organizations to cultivate sports tourism experts and hold training sessions.
  7. Integration of domestic sports information, dissemination of related news in Japan and overseas, sponsorship of lecture meetings and events.
  8. Support for research studies, various awards, recognitions and events.
  9. Implementation of exchanges with overseas sports tourism organizations, overseas study tours and other programs. 

Auxiliary Business Activities

  1. Marketing
  2. Gauging of economic effects
  3. Sales of publications and other products
  4. Certification of products, personnel, etc.

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